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Newell's Auto Body front office
Front Office

Front Office

Our front office is located on Harrison Avenue, and this is where you'll be greeted by our estimators and front office staff. This is also where you’ll come to pick up your vehicle after repairs are complete.

Mechanical Shop & Fast Lane Department

Newell's Auto Body Mechanical Shop
Mechanical Shop

Behind the front office is our mechanical shop and our Fast Lane department. This is where we have our alignment rack, a paint booth, a tire machine and more. We have a full-time mechanic and a full-time body technician in this area.

Our mechanical shop is part of our production team. They handle alignments, suspension work, replacement of fuel tanks, tire work, wiring and electrical work, all as part of your collision repair. 

Depending on how bad the damage is, we may bring a vehicle in to fix mechanical or suspension issues first, before it goes to the Production Shop, which is where we handle disassembly. During the initial disassembly and repair plan, our disassembly team will have the needed information from the mechanic as well as his diagnosis. 

Newell's Auto Body Detail Shop
Detail Shop

Detail Shop

Our 2000 square foot detail department includes 3 hot water pressure washers, 12hp variable speed buffers, battery powered orbital polishers, wet/dry vacuums, and professional grade compound, polishes, and cleaning supplies. Every car that comes in for repairs gets pre-washed first. Scratches and dents are hard to see when there's dirt on the paint, so a pre-wash allows us to clearly assess damage. When your repair is complete, your vehicle will return to this department to be buffed and polished to a factory finish as well as receive a final clean up.

Aluminum Repair Building

We have a separate, designated area to do aluminum repairs. If aluminum is not kept separate from other repairs, cross-contamination may occur, and can cause corrosion. Being a Ford certified aluminum repair center, this is something we take very seriously. This area includes Ford specific hand tools, aluminum welder, and dust and fume extraction equipment. We're proud to be in the unique position of having a completely separate facility for aluminum repair. 

Newell's Auto Body Production Shop
Production Shop

Production Shop

The majority of our repairs take place in our Production Building. In the repair plan area, a technician and repair planning estimator team up to disassemble the vehicle. Each team utilizes vehicle schematics and estimating databases to reference and itemize damage. We call this a Production Shop because we run it differently than other shops. We run ours like a production line, where we have different departments; our refinishing department, body work department, and parts department. Also, our reassembly team is right next to the disassembly team in case there are any questions.

Our production building also includes our body department, laser measuring frame equipment, refinishing department with paint booths and prep stations, parts department, and reassembly area.

Parts Department

Newell's Auto Body Production Shop

Located in the production building, our dedicated parts department houses approximately 30 parts carts that are strategically loaded. Our parts manager has over 20 years experience handling all types of replacement parts. Each order gets carefully checked to and "mirror matched" to the parts on these carts to confirm accuracy.

Paint Department

On the north side of our production shop is our paint department. It is currently in phase 2 of an upgrade to new drive-through down draft paint booths and integrated state of the art mixing room. The new booths have 1.5 million BTU heaters to cure vehicle to optimum paint manufacturers specifications. Before a vehicle is painted, it is prepped in one of our prep stations.

Storage Lot and After Hours Tow-In Area

Some towed in vehicles may be stored in our paved, secure storage lot.

Outside of normal business hours tow companies may place vehicles in the lower west corner of our parking lot marked Tow In.

*Our facilities are protected by video surveillance.

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