Newell’s Auto Body is Gold Class Certified – Here is Why it Matters

Newell’s Auto Body is Gold Class Certified – Here is Why it Matters

We are pleased to announce that we are a Gold Class I-CAR certified service provider! Never heard about this designation before? Well, it reflects our shop’s dedication to being an industry leader at what we do.

I-CAR Gold Class is the highest certification an auto body repair shop can achieve. It assures you that the facility is well equipped and has expertly trained professionals that utilize current technologies, procedures, and materials. Founded in 1979, I-CAR is a non-profit organization that ensures every business they recognize has the skills, knowledge, and information needed to perform quality and safe repairs for consumers. 

The organization works with almost all the segments of the auto body repair industry, including vehicle manufacturers, insurers, and body shops, by developing practical collision repair training solutions.

Note: Only 18 % of repair shops currently meet the I-CAR Gold Class standard, and Newell’s Auto Body is a part of that elite group. 

Why Is I-CAR Gold Class Recognition Important?

Cars are not manufactured the way they were 30, or even 10 years ago. New materials, sensors, designs, and safety features make it imperative to have your vehicle regularly serviced as well as repaired according to proper manufacturers specifications if damaged. For a repair to be done appropriately the repairer must be familiar with the vehicle.  I-Car Gold Class designation is one way to make sure the facility is qualified. This way, you can relax knowing that everything will be appropriately addressed.

As these newer and more sophisticated cars are introduced into the market, technicians need to be able to learn and acclimate to new procedures, materials, and technology. It is this idea that the Gold Class Program relies on. It works to help shops prepare their technical team to meet current challenges with technology in the automotive industry. 

For a shop to earn this coveted designation, they must attain high-level relevant training for every repair role. The Gold Class title must be maintained by continuously developing the knowledge and skills of the technical personnel to advanced levels.

The I-CAR Gold Class Development Program

All technicians in a repair facility must meet rigorous standards in order for a facility to be Gold Class. The program is tailored to enhance existing skills and knowledge and is updated regularly to reflect the latest practices in the collision repair industry.  

What Does it Take to Become Gold Class?

When you go to a repair shop that is Gold Class Certified like Newell’s Auto Body, it means you can be assured your repair will be done by some of the nation’s trained technicians. Advanced welding training and certification, technology specific training, and hands on skill development are just a few of the areas of training I-Car Gold requires. Any business that doesn't train its repair experts annually will have their recognition revoked. As such, if you want to make sure your car is always repaired well and safely, be sure to always look for the Gold Class mark. 

The experienced team at our shop has been serving the Illinois area for over 60 years, and we are proud of our team’s ongoing training. You can always count on us for a dependable and comprehensive body repair.

The Process of Getting Certified

Now, receiving this recognition is not a walk in the park. First, it requires hundreds of hours of training for people who are directly involved with the business, including the owners, technicians, and even supervisors who oversee the day to day operations of the shop.

Newell's Auto Body and Gold Class Rules

Each of these professionals must learn how to complement each other productively to provide great customer service as well as quality body work at the end of the day.

Secondly, different team members must be specialized in 4 main areas and receive a Platinum Class I-CAR certification in their area of expertise. The four include:

  • Value Estimator: The professional must be knowledgeable enough to provide accurate estimates for different types of Collision repairs for insurance companies or customers.
  • Non-Structural Technician: This person must be well versed in areas that are not part of the structure of the car, such as molding, trim, and other similar pieces. They must know how to repair or remove defective pieces and install new ones, including those that are held on with adhesive or welded on.
  • Structural Technician: Plays a very critical role in the entire process. They must know everything about the structural soundness of a vehicle. He or she must be able to do a full reconstruction using high-end computers and other tools.
  • Refinish Technician: This is an expert in refinishing. They complete the repair work by prepping, painting, buffing, and polishing the necessary areas.

Collision Repair Professionals You Can Trust

Thanks to our certification, vehicle owners and drivers throughout central Illinois can count on us to provide personalized and quality collision repairs backed by relevant and up-to-date training. Contact us today for an estimate or learn more about our services.

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