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Fender & Bumper Repair, Decatur, IL
Photo: 1970 AMC Ambassador SST, Christopher Ziemnowicz

Bumper repairs have changed significantly over the last two decades. Then bumpers were made of steel and either came painted or chrome plated. 

Today's bumpers are made of plastic materials and are lighter and have more repair capabilities. However, modern bumper assemblies are much more complex, and may consist of as many as 50 pieces. 

Manufacturers have built in various ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) components which need to be scanned, both before and after a repair, when they are disconnected. If those items are getting replaced they may require calibration and this operation can be quite expensive. A bumper repair can easily cost thousands of dollars to fix today. 

Typically any panel that has cosmetic damage can be repaired as long as the cost to repair the panel does not exceed the cost to replace the panel. It will have to be repairable in a manner that we can provide a lifetime warranty on it.

OEM Replacement Parts

In today's collision industry, insurance companies typically figure alternative parts when vehicles exceed a certain mileage and age. These parts are not produced by the original equipment manufacturers, and can often be inferior and cause delays in the repair process.

At Newell’s Auto Body, because of our volume, we have arrangements with our suppliers and they will “price match” so that we can put a quality part on your vehicle regardless of how the insurance figures the repair.

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