Aluminum Body Repair

Aluminum body repair in Decatur, IL
Aluminum Body Repair

If aluminum body vehicle repairs are not kept separate from other repairs, cross-contamination may occur, and can cause corrosion. Being a Ford certified aluminum repair center, this is something we take very seriously, and this is why we have a separate, designated area to do aluminum repairs. 

This area includes Ford specific hand tools, a manufacturer's approved self piercing rivet gun, an aluminum welder, and dust and fume extraction equipment. We're proud to be in the unique position of having a completely separate facility for aluminum repair.

Many Car Makers are Using Aluminum Body Panels

While the best known example of aluminum bodied vehicles is the Ford F-150, other brands are making extensive use of aluminum as well for body panels and frames. Some of these include:

  • Acura – TLX
  • Audi – A8, R8
  • Cadillac – CT6
  • Chevrolet – Bolt, Volt, Corvette Stingray
  • Dodge- Charger,Challenger
  • Ford – F-150, Expedition
  • Honda – Accord
  • Jaguar –F-Type, XJ
  • Jeep - Grand Cherokee
  • Land Rover – Range Rover
  • Lexus – LS
  • Mercedes-Benz – SL
  • Tesla – Model S
  • Toyota – Camry, Prius

And the list is changing constantly as more manufacturers get on board with aluminum hoods, bodies, and frames.

Get The Right Technicians

You can buy the OEM parts from a dealer, but they don't mean much if you place them in the hands of technicians who don't understand how to properly install them. We only employ professionals who understand how to work with aluminum parts. After all, it is why we are one of the only Ford certified collision centers in Central Illinois.

While it might appear convenient or even less expensive to bring your vehicle to the nearest uncertified local repair shop, this does not guarantee that the technician is skilled enough to work on your specific car model.

Aluminum Body Repair in Decatur, IL

Every car manufacturer uses unique components and systems that are explicitly designed for the models they produce. Working on aluminum panels requires specialized training and equipment to repair. 

Choosing Newell’s ensures that your repair is done correctly for your specific model. We have the expertise and our separate aluminum repair building with equipment made specifically for aluminum repair and replacement.

Newell’s has gone through rigorous certifications, and we have experienced technicians and proper equipment needed to repair your car. When it comes to your safety, compromise is not an option… no matter how convenient it sounds on paper.

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