Keep Your Ford a Ford! Why you Need a Ford Certified Collision Repair Shop

Keep Your Ford a Ford! Why you Need a Ford Certified Collision Repair Shop

Some accidents are simply unavoidable. This is why it is essential to find a certified body shop that can quickly and expertly put your Ford vehicle back together using the latest techniques and equipment required to do the job right and guarantee a high-quality repair.

You drive a Ford for various reasons; appearance, performance, and safety, just to name but a few. In the unfortunate event you are in an accident and need your vehicle repaired, you should only visit a Ford certified collision repair shop. This is your best option for getting your Ford looking and performing as it did before the accident.

Ford Certified Collision Repair Shop
Newell's is a Ford Certified Collision Repair Shop

Newell’s Auto Body is your local Ford Certified Collision Repair Shop. We’ve been in business since 1958, providing expert collision repair services within Central Illinois.

If you’ve had an accident and expect a state-of-the-art repair job, Newell’s can deliver. Besides the guarantee of high quality, here are some of the advantages of choosing a Ford certified collision auto body shop like us in comparison to the uncertified collision repair shop.  Let’s check them out.

Original Ford Replacement Parts and Repairs

Many Fords come fitted with safety and crash-avoidance systems that rely on unique parts to operate correctly. This makes it vital to repair it using exclusive replacement parts that perform precisely as designed.

Aftermarket replacement parts are not all built equal. Nonetheless, Ford Collision automobile parts are manufactured to assure the same reliability and safety of your original parts.

Collision repair is more than just banging out dents and restoring your car’s appearance. Everything must function as it initially did, including parts that never cross your mind, like the smart sensors and crumple zones.

Maintain The Value Of Your Vehicle

Ford certified collision repair is vital if you want to maintain your vehicle's value. While you can easily get and use salvaged, aftermarket, or reconditioned parts, these may decrease your Ford's resale value, due to potentially poor finish, appearance, fit, or quality. As a Ford Certified repair facility, we use OEM parts, which come directly from you vehicle's manufacturer, and are designed to fit properly. Using original collision replacement parts, installed according to manufacturer recommended procedures, by our trained technicians, we aim to return your vehicle to pre-accident condition.

Get The Right Technicians

Yes, you may buy the OEM parts from a dealer, but they don't mean much if you place them in the hands of technicians who don't understand how to properly install them. We only employ professionals who understand your Ford inside and out. After all, it is why we are one of the only Ford certified collision centers in Central Illinois.

Use of Proper Equipment and Tools

Every car manufacturer – Ford included – uses unique components and systems that are explicitly designed for the models they produce. Choosing us will ensure that your repair is done correctly for your specific model.

While it might appear convenient or even less expensive to bring your vehicle to the nearest uncertified local repair shop, this does not guarantee that the technician is skilled enough to work on your specific car model. Some Ford models have aluminum panels, and require specialized training and equipment to repair.  Newell's has the expertise and aluminum repair building with equipment made specifically for aluminum repair and replacement.

Newell’s has gone through Ford’s rigorous certification process, and we have experienced technicians and proper equipment needed to repair your car. When it comes to your safety, compromise is not an option…no matter how convenient it sounds on paper.

Final Word

At Newell’s Auto Body our job is to bring your vehicle back to its pre-collision state or better. To do so, we must understand how the car is built, how it operates, and why it is designed as such. This is what a certified collision repair shop offers.

To get your Ford expertly repaired, contact us today.

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