Newell’s Auto Body is a Member of the GM Collision Repair Network

Newell’s Auto Body is a Member of the GM Collision Repair Network

We’re proud to be part of a select group of collision repair shops that have qualified for General Motors’ official certification program. 

To qualify for this certification, a body shop must undergo an audit to verify that they have the required training, proper tools and equipment, according to GM standards. GM also audits all in-process GM vehicles to ensure that the facility is following GM-approved repair procedures.

The General Motors Collision Repair Program is designed to support proper and safe repairs of GM vehicles and to assist in the delivery of a positive experience for those GM vehicle owners that require collision repair services.

We’re Your GM Collision Repair Shop in Decatur, IL and Macon County

Knowledge is power. That’s true even when it comes to collision repair.  Knowing your rights following an accident can help ensure that your vehicle gets back on the road in a proper, complete, and safe manner. 

You have the right to choose your repair facility, including a GM Collision Repair Network facility such as Newell’s Auto Body. 

You have the right to a proper repair using GM-approved procedures.

You have the right to request GM Genuine Parts and ACDelco GM Original Equipment (OE) parts.  Read on for more information.

The Choice Is Yours, Not Your Insurance Company’s 

You’re in the driver seat when it comes to choosing replacement parts for your vehicle, but some insurance policies may only provide compensation for aftermarket collision parts. Those parts may not provide the original fit, form, and function of GM Genuine Parts and ACDelco GM OE parts.

Ask Your Insurance Provider These Key Questions:

  • Does my current policy include new OE parts coverage? 
  • Will the parts used to repair my vehicle be new OE parts?
  • Is a rental car provided during repairs under my policy?

This information is important to know BEFORE you have an accident, so that you are familiar with your coverage before filing a claim.

Not All Parts Are Created Equal 

GM Genuine Parts | ACDelco

By requesting GM Genuine Parts and ACDelco OE parts, you’re choosing to keep your GM a GM. Because only GM Genuine Parts and ACDelco GM OE parts are engineered to the exact specifications of your Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, or Cadillac vehicle. Manufactured to work with GM vehicle safety systems, no other aftermarket parts can ensure OE compatibility. No other parts are designed, engineered, tested, and backed by General Motors.

Collision Repair for Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Cadillac

When it’s time for a repair, turn to the GM Collision Repair Network. GM Collision Repair Network facilities are committed to following GM approved repair procedures with GM Genuine Parts to help promote the proper, safe repair of General Motors vehicles.

If You’re Involved In A Collision, Follow These Steps

  • If possible, move your vehicle to a safe spot and turn on your hazard lights.
  • Check to see if anyone is injured and call 911. If equipped, you may also press the red OnStar® emergency button for help.
  • Collect insurance and contact information from other drivers involved in the accident.
  • Use your phone’s camera to document the accident scene and vehicle damage.

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If You Need Roadside Assistance

If your GM vehicle is equipped with an active OnStar subscription, you can simply press the blue button for Roadside Assistance. If not, dial the appropriate Roadside Assistance number below for assistance.

Chevrolet: 800-243-8872
Buick: 800-252-1112
GMC: 800-677-4927
Cadillac: 800-224-1400

You have a choice of repair shops for your GM vehicle. Choosing a shop that’s part of the GM Collision Repair Network ensures that your repair meets GM standards. We hope you’ll give Newell’s a chance to earn your business.

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