2021 Christmas Wish Benevolence Program Winner

2021 Christmas Wish Benevolence Program Winner

We would like to thank all of our sponsors and congratulate our 2021 car giveaway winner - Christy Fallin-Dees!

December 17, 2021 was Newell’s seventh annual Christmas Wish Car Giveaway. Christy received a refurbished Ford Edge. This is a great program, and we really get excited about giving away a car – that really gets us in the Christmas mood and the giving spirit. 

“We appreciate Newell's for doing this for the community, for sure.”
- Pastor Wayne Stacey

Our staff got excited when we pulled the car in, this past October. They started thinking about how they could improve the vehicle and make it look like a new one. So they all had their hands in on the repair and restoring the vehicle.

Then it was up to Neuhoff to find some good candidates, and we received around 200 nominations. 

Pastor Wayne Stacey

Pastor Wayne Stacey said ”I’ve been Christy’s pastor going on four years, and it seems like everything under God's green Earth, something would come up and really, really knock her down. Great woman, great mother, just a great human being. And so watching her go through COVID without a vehicle, getting a vehicle, working on the vehicle myself, just doing things trying to keep it [going] and then getting the phone call late at night, as she's traveling back to their vehicle, they broke down. And then the very next morning, I get on Facebook and see this ad about Newell’s Auto Body shop. Well, I've had Newell’s work on my truck before. And so I knew this is gonna be a quality car. We've got to get some requests, we've got to get some people to go throw her name in the hat.” 

There are a lot of people that are worthy of this, and we wanted to find somebody that's a good person that just needs a vehicle to get to work or to get the kids to their activities and events.

Christy Fallin-Dees
Christy Fallin-Dees

After the surprise, Christy said “Thank God, I'm so happy! My brother lets me borrow his car, but I mean, it helps me, it also helps other people as well you know, because I have a heart to help other people. So I mean, I help other people go in to get food from the Food Bank, and take people to doctor's appointments and stuff. In the parking lot my friend said her brother needs a part from the parts place and as soon as we pulled in, I still had no clue. Even walking into the building to help get this part that was ‘too big’. I had no clue!”

Newell's Auto Body Christmas Wish Car Giveaway 2021 - Ford Edge

2021 Gifts & Sponsors

Thanks also to our additional sponsors who have generously provided products and services…

  • Leo Berger State Farm Insurance Company
  • Erie – Atteberry & Oldweiler
  • Richland Insurance Services
  • NAPA
  • Weir Ford
  • Speed Lube
  • Peerless Cleaning and Restoration
  • LKQ Metro
  • Neal Tire & Auto
  • O’Reilly Auto Parts
  • Club Car Wash
  • Dynagraphics
  • Dent Commander

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