State-of-the-Art Technology Helps Newell's Provide the Best Quality Auto Refinishing

State-of-the-Art Technology Helps Newell's Provide the Best Quality Auto Refinishing

A flawless finish can make the exterior of your car look almost new again while maintaining and even improving the value of your car. You can take pride in your vehicle’s shiny environmentally friendly finish!

The quality of auto refinishing can vary widely.  Some will be hazy or dirty due to overspray and debris settling during the painting process, as well as a lack of post-refinish buffing and polishing. Companies that use the best materials applied by a trained certified technician in a clean heated downdraft paint booth will consistently produce the best quality and longest lasting finishes.

One of Newell's paint booths
One of Newell's paint booths

Why you should choose Newell's

If you want the best repair and refinishing, Newell’s Auto Body in Decatur, IL has new, state-of-the-art technology that makes us the local leader in paint finishing quality.  The first thing that customers inspect is the appearance of the paint and color match.  

For 60 years, our family owned shop has been dedicated to providing the highest level of workmanship and customer service possible. We’ve taken the next step in continuing that tradition by adding state of the art new equipment in our paint department.

This investment allows us to improve the quality of our refinishing even further and to make us the industry leader in the area. And our experienced paint staff is excited to utilize this new technology and to pass its substantial benefits along to you.

The advantages our new technology provides

Inside Newell's mixing room
Inside Newell's mixing room

Our two downdraft drive-thru paint booths, with connecting vestibule and paint mixing room, provide the following advantages:

  • LED lighting – This lighting system enhances the brightness and visibility while spraying.  The color correcting lighting enables our team to clearly see and check for any possible imperfections such as dirt and debris. Any issues can be corrected during the process.
  • Faster service – We have two paint booths, and their faster drying process and size will allow us to complete more cycles per booth each day. This improved cycle time means you get your vehicle back sooner.
  • Improved refinishing quality – Everything with our new paint booths is interconnected, including a high tech paint mixing room with a connecting vestibule. This helps keep the environment clean as the painter transitions through the process. Which keeps dirt and other debris out of the booth and out of your paint.
  • Ability to accommodate large vehicles – Our large 28-feet booth can accommodate larger vehicles.  With the increasing size of SUV’s and crew cab trucks, the ability to paint them in a single cycle is an important feature.
  • Improved curing – The curing part of the process is also well controlled. High heat temperatures are used to bond the paint molecules together, making them stronger.
  • Eco-friendly – We’re conscious about the environment as well as the health and safety of our paint team. This system has excellent airflow with a clean, filtered supply of air that helps protect the paint crew and create a clean paint application. The vestibule area allows our crew to put on and remove their fresh air paint suits without introducing dust into the booth area, thus keeping the environment ideal for painting.  We also use PPG Envirosafe waterborne paint as part of our commitment to decreasing our impact on the environment. 
  • Drive-thru option – Each booth has a drive through option.  This enhances the efficiency of the paint department.  Cured vehicles are driven out of the back of the booths and around to the reassembly staging area without having to shuffle vehicles around inside of the shop.
  • This confirms our commitment to our customers and the importance that we place on being an industry leader. We bring this dedication to our workmanship every day and are committed to providing the highest quality of work.

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