How to Protect Your Newly Painted Vehicle

How to Protect Your Newly Painted Vehicle

When you get your vehicle freshly painted, you’ll want to keep it looking good. Proper new auto paint care not only protects its finish and appearance, but also helps increase its resale value. Washing or waxing it too soon or cleaning your vehicle improperly can inadvertently damage your vehicle’s finish.

The refinishing experts at Newell’s Auto Body suggest the following tips for new auto paint care:

Wash Your Car Weekly – After Two Weeks

Other than the wash and polish that your vehicle receives post-repair at Newell’s, new auto paint care requires waiting two weeks after your car’s new paint job before washing it.  Then, create a schedule where you wash your car every week. Never use dish soap, which can dull your new paint finish. Instead, wet your vehicle and then use a mild car soap, which you can apply with a soft, scratch-free cloth mitt or sponge made for this purpose. Wash gently and rinse your car very thoroughly before drying it with a soft, lint-free towel or chamois that’s designed for this purpose.

Wait 60 Days to Wax or Polish Your Vehicle

Wait 60 Days to Wax or Polish Your Vehicle

You may be tempted to wax or polish your vehicle a month or so after getting it painted in an attempt to help keep your paint job looking new. Getting the best protection for your freshly painted vehicle means you’ll need to wait 60 days before applying wax so the finish will have enough time to harden and cure completely.

Keep Your Vehicle Covered or Parked in a Garage if Possible

Protect your car’s finish from hot and cold temperature extremes, which aren’t good for your car’s new paint. Keeping your car covered or in a garage also helps prevent it from getting tree sap, bird droppings, or other debris on it that could mar its finish.

Avoid Gravel Roads

Avoid Gravel Roads

Gravel can get kicked up and damage your vehicle’s paint job, so avoid these types of roads whenever possible to protect your new paint. This is especially true in the first 30 days after getting your car painted, since the paint can be easier to chip during this time frame.

Don’t Wipe Your Vehicle Using a Dry Cloth

If you notice any sap or other dirt or debris on your vehicle, don’t try to wipe it off using a dry cloth since this can cause scratches in the paint surface. Make sure to use clean water so you don’t scratch the finish.

Wash Your Vehicle in the Shade

Wash your vehicle in the shade to avoid water spots and dry it by hand before it dries on its own. Use a soft microfiber towel or chamois to softly dry your car’s finish and provide the best new auto paint care.

Don’t Park Under Trees

You may be tempted to park under a tree so your car is cooler when you get into it, but this can cause sap to drop on your freshly painted vehicle. And since trees attract birds, your finish may also be subjected to bird droppings.

Wax Your Car Regularly

Waxing your car every three months is an important step in paint care. It creates a barrier between the paint and the environment, making debris easier to remove and protecting it from the sun as well as harsh winter weather.

Take Extra Care With These Substances

Certain substances can cause damage to your auto’s finish if they’re left on for too long or are removed incorrectly. These include windshield wiper fluid, gasoline, oil, and transmission fluid. If these substances do get on your finish, they should immediately be rinsed off with water rather than wiped.

Don’t Scrape Ice or Snow From the Surface of Your Vehicle

For new auto paint care, don’t use an ice scraper or other hard tool to dislodge snow or ice from your vehicle. Instead, use a soft snow brush to gently remove loose material avoiding pressing down onto the painted surface.

When your vehicle needs quality repair and refinishing, contact Newell’s Auto Body in Decatur, IL today. We’ll make your car’s finish look like new!

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